Kicker Stereo Equipment

Kicker Stereo Equipment

We sell and install the full-line of Kicker stereo equipment. Make your cars audio sound massive, we carry a variety of Kicker mid-range and tweeter speakers. We offer the QS, KS, CS and DS series in all sizes to match the performance you’re looking for. If it’s deep bass with clear and rich tones Stereo Installs has it covered.

<img src="kicker.jpg" alt="kicker-4"-coaxial-speaker">

Kicker 4″ coaxial speaker.


<img src="kicker.jpg" alt="kicker-4.75"-coaxial-speaker">

Kicker 4.75″ coaxial speaker.








Kicker Subwoofers

Kicker subwoofers are known for high-quality, hard hitting bass that’s been proven consistently over the years. Circular subwoofers have a linear cone and prove to be stable. However, with new technology square subwoofers have com into play. These square subwoofers deliver 20% louder bass tones than their circular counterparts. So now you have a wide-array to find the perfect fit for your stereo installation.

<img src="kicker.jpg" alt="kicker-l7r-subwoofer">

Kicker L7R subwoofer.

<img src="kicker.jpg" alt="kicker-compc-subwoofer">

Kicker compc subwoofer.

Kicker Amplifiers

It’s no secret Kicker amplifiers are powerful with a sleek design that was built for intense sound. Boost the power to your cars stereo and speakers while intensifying your audio quality. Kicker amplifiers offer 5 distinct series of amps to choose from: IQ, KX, CX, DX, and the small and compact PX. Each series has its own unique qualities and power performance.

The IQ amplifier give you controlled power for intense sound. This KX amp has a modern design with powerful features that can max out at 2,400 watts. Known as the CX series, this amplifier was built with the highest-grade internal components and produces massive amounts of power. Kicker DX amplifier has fail-safe integration circuitry for maximum sound clarity, and wiring flexibility.

Wire directly from a factory stereo directly to the amp with no special plugs. Now this PX amp goes up to 500 watts, it’s a compact design with crazy power and what you would expect from Kicker stereo equipment.


<img src="kicker.jpg" alt="kicker-px-amplifier">

Kicker PX amplifier

<img src="kicker" alt="kicker-kx-amplifier">

Kicker KX amplifier.










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