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Wetsounds white tower marine speaker installation in Mentor, Ohio.

It’s no secret that Wetsounds new revolution series is tearing up the competition all over the world in marine audio applications. This beautiful Yamaha AR240 received a full, Wetsounds marine stereo installation located in Mentor Ohio from Stereo Installs.


Revolution Series 8” Tower Speaker Kit with swivel mount.


<img src="yamaha-ar240.jpeg" alt="yamaha-ar240-blue-hull-boat">

Yamaha AR 240 upgraded by Stereo Installs.

Working Together with Technology

We matched up the this vessel using the white speaker pods on the tower and followed it up with four matching Revo cx-6 high output component speakers. These speaker have a full rubber santoprene suspension system which bang with powerful sound and deep bass tones.


<img src="westsound-speaker" alt="wetsound-high-component-marine-speaker">

REVO CX-6 Wet Sounds High Output Component Marine Speakers.

Marine Amplifier That’s Sinister


<img src="amplifier" alt="wet-sounds-amplifier-sdx6">

Wetsounds Sinister SDX6.

From the circuits in this superior amplifier to the “MAXED” patented technology this design provides high efficiency levels that rival anything currently in the market. What’s this mean to you? Less current will draw less strain on your electrical system, low heat results to more play time!

Hard Pounding Bass


<img src="subwoofer.png" alt="wetsounds-lighted-12-inch-subwoofer">

REVO 12 Wet Sounds 12″ Free Air Marine Subwoofer.

When thinking about bass and the way it should sound, this free air marine subwoofer is nothing to be played with! Its infinite baffle enclosure is practical for any marine stereo application. Big sound with a lot of power, means more enjoyment out on the water.

LED and RGB Control


<img src="led-lighting.png" alt="led-lighting-with-rgb-control-on-boat">

With RGB speaker lighting you can control your mood.

If I couldn’t tell you that it gets better, it just did! This series of speakers come with optional LED controlled, RGB lighting inside them for a huge array of colors. Dance the night away and light up your boating experience!

Satisfied Customers & Rave Reviews


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Another Satisfied Customer.

Customers enjoy working with us because we respect your vehicles and always get the job done right the first time. If you may be concerned about working with us, feel free to read our honest reviews on Google, Yelp and HomeAdvisor. We’re a family owned, local business and work hard for your trust on all marine audio installation.