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Marine Audio and LED Lighting Installation - Stereo InstallsStereo Installs

Marine Audio and LED Lighting Installation

SeaRay Marine Audio and LED

Lighting Installation

The days are upon us when we are thinking about the boating season. Before one of our customers’ got his vessel in the water he was calling us to discuss his marine audio and LED lighting options. We went over to check out his boat, and seen he had more than enough room to add his marine audio.


<img src="searay-boat.jpg" alt="searay-boat-out-of-water">

This SeaRay has LED lighting, Kicker Marine Audio and Bluetooth system put in by Stereo Installs in Mentor Ohio.

Marine Audio – Upgrading for Powerful Sound


<img src="clarion-stereo.jpg" alt="clarion-stereo-marine-audio-installation">

Clarion Bluetooth Compatible Stereo.

Discussing customer’s needs, and walking you throughly though is part of our process. We’ll discuss budget, the products to be used and explain everything before your stereo and LED lighting installation. We started by installing this Clarion bluetooth stereo to marine grade poly-board as the customer will be adding other switching in the future, and ran the needed wiring to supply the rest of this build.

Kicker and Why it’s SO LOUD!


<img src="kicker-amplifier.jpg" alt="kicker-amplifier-marine-audio">

Kicker Marine Audio Amplifier’s are one of the best on the market.

We stowed away this Kicker amplifier and easily connected the crossovers and tune the system perfectly. Getting the exact sound quality, filtering out any subsonic noise for ultimate sound at all decibels. This 5 channel, 800 watt Kicker amplifier really hits hard and gives off a clear, powerful sound to the overall quality of music.

Marine Audio at its Best


<img src="kicker-speaker.jpg" alt="kicker-speaker-marine-audio">

Kicker’s KM 6.5″ are lighted marine audio speakers.

Kicker’s KM 6.5″ Coaxial marine audio speakers are shaking up the market. These 100% water-proof speakers are built to withstand the toughest of elements. They will combat humidity, corrosion and material degradation due to UV exposure. Even the grills have drains so you never have to worry about standing water. However, the sound quality of these high-end marine audio speakers will blow you away. Did you know these┬áKicker’s KM 6.5″ are lighted?

Colorizing Your Sound


<img src="speaker-lighting.jpg" alt="kicker-speaker-led-lighting-installation">

Sleek, Stylish Marine Stereo LED lighting installation.

There’s nothing like turning on your marine audio and enjoying a colorful display along with your music. Changing colors for different moods can calm the soul or uplift the party at a moments notice. These Kicker KM 6.5″ have ambient LED lighting from within and you can add a LED Lighting ring for even more spectrum and colorful sound.

Accessorizing Your LED Lighting Installation


<img src="led-lighting" alt="led-lighting-installation">

This SeaRay added additional LED lighting for an amazing look and feel.

With limitless options during your marine audio and LED lighting installation. Keep in mind LED light’s are inexpensive, look amazing and can add to the overall look of your boat. Shown here is an example of additional LED lighting added last minute by the customers’ request.

Customer Satisfaction & Our Guarantee


<img src="marine-audio.jpg" alt="marine-audio-and-led-lighting-installation">

Another Happy Customer with this Marine Audio and LED Lighting Installation.

We aim to please each and every customer that walk’s in our door. First and foremost we like to sit down to discuss your build and understand what requirements you would like to see inside your vessel. Our honest guarantee is to make your marine audio and LED lighting installation a success the first time. We are family owned and operated, my priority is to make sure your happy with our service so you will tell you friends & family about your experience with us.