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Custom home tv and audio installation.

When searching for a company to do any home stereo installations, and enter your home, please read reviews and ask questions. Throughout the years, we have seen a multitude of homes with many improper A/V installations. Although we came in and fixed many problems, it’s best to find a reputable installer the first time. There is more to hanging a TV than someone would imagine. Prepping, finding studs in the wall, cutting drywall is only the start. Our expert installers, will take away your woes and give you a peace of mind, knowing your home stereo installations will be done right the first time. We always take off our shoes and wear booties so we will never put wear on your carpets or scratch hardwood floors. Our major prep work is always done outdoors so we keep home clean and debris-free. Each installer will clean the work area as if we never stepped inside your home and vacuum the work area.

Expert Stereo Programmers


LED TV set up and home stereo installation in Chesterland Ohio.

Some people pull their hair out trying to program remotes and other A/V equipment. With so many buttons it’s a daunting challenge for someone with no experience to tackle. We can flawlessly program your smart remotes, and teach you how to used them with ease. Whether you’re using the Logitech Harmony remote or app on your smart phone, we will connect you for the best user experience during your home stereo installations.

Is There a Difference in Wiring?


Custom Cabinet Home Stereo Installation in Willoughby Ohio.

Many customers ask if there’s a difference in wiring and the answer is simple, yes. There is an array of different wiring and connector types for audio visual equipment. However, they fall into two categories: digital and analog. We use premium Stinger wiring, the same wiring we use for car installs. This wiring is non-corrosive copper wiring that will last for the lifetime of use in all your electronics. This cable was designed to work with modern high-definition devices. Which translates to perfect digital waveforms that gives a binary code to displays and stereo signals for a clear and perfect sound for your home stereo installations.