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Car Audio Installation - Stereo InstallsStereo Installs

Car Audio Installation

Car Audio Installation


<img src="car-audio-installation.png" alt="">

This BMW had its custom Car Audio Installation finished in our shop, Stereo Installs in Mentor Ohio.


This Audi’s custom car stereo installation started with a vision to have a custom subwoofer box that looked factory made. We sketched out some ideas, came up with a material list, and this is what we created for this customer. The overall look and feel for this subwoofer box needed to look like it came with this car off the showroom floor.

Starting With Good Materials


<img src="subwoofer-box.jpeg" alt="subwoofer-box-car-audio-installation">

The start of a beautiful design for this car audio installation.


Using factory matching materials are key when putting together a custom audio build. I like to sit down, and discuss the customers’ needs to achieve the look their after. We can sketch-out any custom build, and talk color options, audio products, and accessories to help define your ideas. Our company uses quality materials in every car audio installation for excellent sound performance.

Why Do Calculations Matter?


<img src="front-panel.jpeg" alt="front-panel-car-audio-installation">

LED lighted front panel ready for this car audio installation.


Anyone can build a subwoofer box out of wood and screws. However, knowing the gross volume, displacement of air volume, multiplied by width, depth, and bracing will equal an acoustical average. Knowing the products you are working with, and calculating these averages differentiates professional car audio installation from the hacks. Ask questions before hiring any installer.

Quality through Professionalism


<img src="finished-subwoofer" alt="finished-subwoofer-box-car-stereo-installation">

Owner approval for this car stereo installation.


Customers always come first, and that saying can ring true through the craftsmanship of your car audio installation. We don’t claim to be the best, we let our workmanship speak on our behalf. Treating people good, helping them through the work we preform, and doing the job right the first time. That’s what makes me feel proud at the end of the day.

Perfect Fit and Lighted Details


<img src="subwoofer-completed.jpeg" alt="subwoofer-completed-car-audio-installation">

Wow! The final details shine through beautifully.


In my opinion, this build came out looking really nice. I loved the final details, from the wood-grain backing, Focal subwoofers with the bezel, and the LED lighting. This really put a smile on my face. I hope this customer will be happy with this car audio installation for years to come.