Boat Stereo Installation

Looking for a Boat Stereo Installation

this Season?


<img src="boat-stereo-installation" alt="boat-stereo-installation-in-dry-dock">

We do Boat Stereo Installation during the winter months also.

With the season jumping off, many people are scrabbling to get their boat stereo installation finished. We install marine audio equipment year round as you will see in this build. Our team can easily go to wherever your vessel is dry docked and tackle the job from that location. We are equipped with off site power to get your project in motion even when your boat is wrapped up during winter months.

Adding Noise To Your Toy’s


<img src="kicker-speakers.jpeg" alt="kicker-speakers-boat-stereo-installation">

We used marine-grade KICKER Speaker in this boat stereo installation.

Many boats come with less desirable audio set ups, and quite a few have the home install. These builds usually are not quite what you been after in the first place. I always say, you work hard for your money, so play hard, and put your dollars into your investment. These Kicker marine speakers with LED lights are not only phenomenal they are loud!

Completing Your Sound


<img src="stereo.jpeg" alt="boat-stereo-installation-sound-perfect">

Making the most of your boat stereo installation sound perfect.

With a complete marine-grade boat stereo installation we can dial in every facet of creating the true sound your after. Capturing the high’s and low’s within your stereo system. These Kicker speakers fire off crazy decibels after tuning them in with your amplifier. Once in use, they create a powerful sound of musical bliss and head-banging bass tones.

“Don’t Forget that Bass!”


<img src="subwoofer" alt="boat-stereo-installation-kicker-subwoofer">

Two lighted 10″ Kicker subwoofers provide this vessel with thumping bass.

This build consisted of four Kicker KM 6.5″ Coaxial LED lighted speakers and two Kicker KM 10″ Free-air marine subwoofers. The amplifiers were two Thramps 600 watt amps, built inside the cabin area. The bluetooth receiver was a Kenwood KMR-D765BT. Call ¬†and schedule your boat stereo installation today.