Radar Laser Systems

Looking for a niche shop for one of the most important and intricate Radar/Laser purchases you may make this year?

Radar Systems can be very simple to use and effective while driving. However, having one installed takes great understanding of what this technology is, how its used and all the products available. While there are so many choices, with Stereo Installs your Radar/Laser system choices are simple and the most effective.

Customers testimonials are that
Matt: 9500CiPro user- “I understood what I was getting, how it’s used and how it affects my driving before my purchase. Everything is as good or better than expected.”
Steve: 9500CiPro upgrade user- “I got a new car, I made an appointment to have the system removed and re-installed into my new car, Bryan was very detailed in removing and having the system re-installed in my new, he had sensor upgrades available when I came in for my appointment, of course I got the upgrades! Everything is great, Thanks Bryan!”